Hey There! My name is Tara (Beth), and I run this little joint. Some fun facts about me? I have two favorite bands – The Beatles + Mumford & Sons. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge, and my Mom is my best friend. True love is really a thing, and I believe that I have the best job in the whole world…really!

Tara Beth Photography was created with the dream of establishing myself as one of the top LGBT wedding photographers today. Woohoo!! I feel so lucky being able to blend my passions for love + photography into my career. I want to be the one to capture love in it’s purest form on the most important day in a stellar couple’s life. It is an immense responsibility to take on the task of photographing those raw moments of emotion, and I really feel humbled when asked to do so. I have worked with so many unique + awesome couples in the past! Each one has inspired me, and has taught me something new about what it means to be in love, and to take that next step together! Hopefully you + and I can collaborate together to create some incredible art out of your love!