The Q Project | Sara K. | Charleston, SC

Name: Sara Ann Kelly

Age: 32

Hometown: Cape May, NJ- now a FT resident in Philadelphia

Occupation: Owner of  Public Relations firm SAK PR.

LGBTQIA: B. Life Partners with a man.



  1. When was the first time you had to defend your gayness?

“Being a feminine bisexual, I was constantly bombarded with the fucking thirsty ass male agenda, and was told routinely that I “just hadn’t had good dick yet.”. The ghastly exchange that would happen after that statement if I felt like engaging was an ego pissing contest, requiring me to rationalize why a woman who wears red lipstick and heel is capable of enjoying a relationship with a woman.

If everyone could step back and check their ego, the world would be a much better-off rock to ride through the universe.”

TaraBethPhotograpy-5 TaraBethPhotograpy-6 TaraBethPhotograpy-7 TaraBethPhotograpy-82. What advice do you want to give younger kids coming out?

“Be brave and be kind to yourself. Work on becoming as spiritually woke as possible. Learn to love every part of your self authentically as soon as possible. Lie truly starts there.

Whether it be your sexual orientation ( which frankly is NO ONES FUCKING BUSINESS), or your favorite Netflix series, people will judge you and have opinions simply because you are different than them. Don’t allow that fact to keep you from being your innately perfect self. Bonnie Rae had it right, “Let’s give ‘em somethin’ to talk about…””

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3. Why do you think it’s important to show the world who we are as a community?

“All we have is empathy. It’s powerful beyond measure and changes so many thought processes at a cellular level when ideally digested and received. By sharing our stories, we can bring light to the life us “GAYS” live. Albeit it’s conceived by some as a debaucherous and sinful life, but draw attention to enough queer librarians, teachers, nurses policeman, judges, preachers, celebrities, reporters, wedding planners, fireman, bank tellers, gas attendants, governors, and the perspective may change. Those filled with hate have created an ignorant narrative for our community. It’s our responsibility to change it by showing just who we are. We can’t allow them to dominate the perspective with hate any longer.”

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4. What are your hopes for the gay kids of the future?

“That they can love themselves as fully as possible. And that they will continue to make being a member of this community less their identifying character trait, but allow it to be a point of pride that is a part of their life. I hope that the freedom to “be yourself” will one day include who you choose to love, rather than have it be something you may have to hide.”